This list of codes are nonnegotiable for our ministry.  Through the “Family Code” is where all of our ministry, outreach, and culture decisions will be made.  We believe that in order to impact our city, all staff, leaders, and members of !mpact City should apply these attributes to their daily lives presenting the Jesus of the Bible to others.

Jesus: Our Message                                             

We are Jesus followers, not religious fanatics.  Our message will never change when culture does.

 People: Our Passion                                            

People matter to Jesus; therefore they matter to us.  We will unapologetically do whatever it takes to reach those who are far from God.

 Compassion: Our Stance                                 

Compassion is only displayed when we allow the Fruit of the Spirit to drive.

 Honor:  Our Choice                                               

Honor up. Honor down. Honor all around.

Generosity:  Our Lifestyle                                   

We demonstrate God’s heart by being generous with our finances, time, relationships, and energy.

 Authenticity:  Our Aim                                        

 We aim to be authentic in every facet of our lives.  Authentic speech, leadership, prayer, worship, service.  We are   better being authentic than counterfeit.

 Community Impact:  Our Posture                   

We intentionally position ourselves to contribute to the communities we live in, work in, and receive from.

 Servanthood:  Our Identity                              

The greatest among you will be the servant of all.  Everything we do will be driven by a servant’s heart.

 Excellence:  Our Commitment                         

Excellence in all we do.  No exceptions.

Wholistic Healing:  Our Right                             

Jesus’ plan is that everyone would experience healing and wholeness.  We speak to the whole person, not just pieces of them.